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Unlocking The Truth Retell Their Record Label Nightmare

Unlocking The Truth – the metal band formed by three African-American boys from Flatbush, Brooklyn (guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins and drummer Jarad Dawkins) – spoke to The Daily Beat about their decision to sever ties with record label giant Sony less than a year after signing with them.

“It was pretty difficult at times with [our] meetings [with Sony] — especially with this one particular lady at the label, who had a meeting with us once where she was just talking at us for six hours,” Alec said. “We were pretty young at the time so we were pretty restless and wanted to get up and do something else, but she just had us in this meeting for six hours.”

“There are so many different types of meetings,” added Jarad. “Sometimes we have meetings at our lawyer’s office, sometimes we have a meeting with a company. It depends on what the occasion is.”

“It’s been very difficult. We’re speaking to our attorneys about leaving Sony, and it’s very complicated,” said Alec. “The album is ready, but because our attorneys are talking about us leaving the record label, it’s going to be a whole process of getting our music back.”

The band signed a two-album deal with Sony and were reportedly due to receive $60,000 to record the first album and as much as $325,000 for the second one. There was reportedly an option in the contract for Sony to release a total of five albums that would have increased the label’s investment in the band to $1.8 million ($325,000 for the second album, $400,000 for the third, $450,000 for the fourth and $550,000 for the fifth).

It is doubtful it would have gotten that far as the label would only pay out more than the original $60,000 if the band sold at least 250,000 copies of their first album – something that rarely happened due to diminishing record sales.

Luke Meyer, the director of “Breaking A Monster”, a documentary about the band’s rise to success, told The Daily Beast: “The $1.8 million is what happens if you add up all their advances for five records, and it increases in amount with each successive album.

“That’s what everyone says about the music industry — it’s got all this glitter on it, but it’s always less flashy than it looks.”

The band had to gain permission from a court judge in order to sign the record deal as they are all minors.

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