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this is boston benefit show money vanishes is running an article claiming that the promoter of a benefit concert has disappeared with a large chunk of the money that was raised.

A benefit show was set up by a promotions company run by Mike Eleftheratos to raise money for One Fund Boston, a charity set up in the aftermath of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings last year. The show was headlined by Converge, Slapshot, Doomriders, and a reunited Wrecking Crew, and sold out with almost 800 tickets being sold.

After paying for the venue, broken equipment and security, the show raised just under $15,000 for the charity from ticket sales, t-shirt sales, raffles and posters.

Mike Eleftheratos took the money they raised from the merchandise & raffle and said he would total it up and send a check to the charity, but the money has so far not been received and nobody has managed to contact Mike Eleftheratos in months, even his close family have no idea where he is.

The company responsible for selling the tickets sent him a check for $8,675 which lay uncashed for months before the company cancelled the check, wrote another one, and sent it directly to the charity, this is the only money they have received from the show.

The lead singer of Converge has contacted the local police department and the attorney general to see if anything can be done legally to find Eleftheratos.

We’ll be following this closely and hoping that the money turns up, it is this kind of shit that stops people from coming to these shows and donating in the future.

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