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Thief Attempts To Steal Pröwess’ RV While They Were In It

Over the weekend a thief tried to steal the RV of rock band Pröwess, while they were still inside it!

The band were performing an impromptu acoustic session at The Farm Bar in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania when the thief snuck on board the vehicle and drove it away. Unfortunately for him it was after the performance and two of the band members were inside the RV loading it up.

They were able to subdue the thief and police took over.

“In the early hours of January 28, 2018, rock n’ roll band Pröwess‘ RV was stolen in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania during load out at The Farm Bar. On board were two band members, one crew member, two family members and three friends. The band’s trailer was open and dragged for three miles, splaying equipment across the highway. The crew was able to collectively take back control of the vehicle until the suspect was subdued and police and ambulance arrived on scene. No one on board was seriously injured. The majority of equipment was recovered by crew members not on board during the incident and diligent bar staff.

During an impromptu acoustic session, the suspect silently boarded and stole the vehicle, reaching high speeds and throwing all on board to the ground while the on board lights went out. Band members Dalton Bowes (vocals) and Kenny Keeler (bass) were able to remove the keys from the ignition while grappling for control of the wheel and pedals, successfully stopping the vehicle. All witnesses provided statements to the state police department and will be moving forward with the case. The suspect is currently not in police custody as of January 28, 2018.”

The band also shared a video of the thief getting arrested:

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