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Thayil & Corgan Reignite Feud

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan have reignited their very public feud once again.

The feud has been running for decades with both bands slamming and insulting each other at every possible opportunity. It seemed the feud was put to bed when Soundgarden disbanded, but with their reformation in 2011 the feud sprang back to life when Corgan said their comeback was nothing more than a “cash-grab”.

Now Thayil has stoked the fire by telling the Dallas Observer: “We feel confident that if the four of us all like an album, it’s going to do well.

“We don’t have one member deciding the composition of an album; we have four guys contributing material without someone calling ‘bullshit’ on it. You follow me? You should know who I’m talking about but I’m not going to name names.”

In what was seen as a dig at the Smashing Pumpkins’ back catalogue Thayil said: “There are bands out there led by one guy who does all the writing. He might have some religious epiphany or some psychedelic experience, and he’ll write all this material that can very easily suck – and the rest of his band feel like they have to play it.

“That is not Soundgarden. Consequently, we have never made a record that sucked.”

Asked about the possibility of a new album to follow their 2012 King Animal release, Thayil said: “We can’t have another album in the works because we’re so busy touring,” he explains. “When we’re done, and when Matt Cameron is done working with Pearl Jam, we’ll sit down and get something done. That should be in 2015.”

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