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Superjoint Ritual Reuniting For One-Off Gig

Philip Anselmo has confirmed that Superjoint Ritual will be reuniting for a one-off show – at his Housecore Horror Film Festival in Texas in October.

Despite saying for years that the band will never reform, due to the bad blood between Anselmo and drummer Joe Fazzio, the frontman seems to have had a sudden change of heart.

The band will perform under the name Superjoint due to an unidentified legal issue with their original name.

Asked in 2011 if a reunion was possible, he said: “Absolutely a hundred percent no fucking way. There’s too many sour feelings, too much bad business. I don’t take steps backwards any more.”

Now Anselmo says: “If people want to hear Superjoint jam a badass set, then we’re all for giving the people what they want.”

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