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Stone Frontman Zach Dear Accused Of Sexual Assault

A growing number of women have come forward and accused Stone frontman Zach Dear of a string of sexual assault allegations.

The allegations are being published on a Tumblr blog called Zach Dear Is Cancelled, and there are quite a few of them coming in thick and fast.

Dear has issued the following statement:

The band were due to go on tour in support of Knocked Loose, Terror and Jesus Piece, they have since been booted off the tour and replaced with Year Of The Knife.

Commenting on the situation, Knocked Loose said:

“We have been aware of recent incidents and paying very close attention to every story, tweet, and Facebook post being shared. Stone is no longer on the upcoming tour, it was never a question from the start. This is being worked on from our end since the very beginning please do not take our silence as hiding from the issue, instead we have been working to make our first official headliner a better tour and a safer place for everyone involved.

We are sorry it took so long to update. We have always promoted a safe place for every different kind of person that wants to come to our shows, and have vocally promoted a safe space for women. We DO NOT stand behind these actions, and it will not be tolerated. More news tonight.”

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