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Sanders Claims Mastadon Album is Catchy not Cheesy

Mastadon’s Troy Sanders says the band were very careful to make their latest album as melodic as possible without becoming too cheesy.

The singer and bass player says Once More ‘Round The Sun is more melodic than much of their previous albums and that it was a conscious decision to go for hook-laden songs this time.

Sanders tells SpazioRock: “We’ve tried to incorporate more melody — not only guitar-wise, but vocal melodies and vocal harmonies and vocal patterns that really are catchy. Like hooks that bring you in and make a song more memorable.

“So we did spend more time and effort on trying to find those right vocal moments for this new record without cheating the song’s music itself.

“You can find vocal patterns that are catchy and meaningful to the song without just being cheesy about it and singing for the sake of not screaming. We’re always trying to be better songwriters, and just continue to evolve and make songs that don’t sound like the last song we wrote.”

Sanders also assures fans that the band will make sure every album they make is different to the last.

He adds: “Every record that we do is gonna sound different, because we always want to evolve and create our own musical path. And every record will be different.

“We do not wanna write the same record twice. And it’s a musical journey that the four of us are on. And to any fans that we’ve ever had before, we want them to embrace it and grow with us, but we don’t expect people to. We just write what we love, and we love what we write.”

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