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Rotting Christ Have An EP On The Way

Rotting Christ, the extreme metal band from Greece, are about to drop an EP on the world.

The EP is called ‘The Call’ and will be available on 7in vinyl and will be distributed on February 9th via Peaceville Records.

The record will have a live version of the band’s song, ‘The Sign Of Evil Existence,’ featuring guest vocals from Adam “Nergal” Darski of Behemoth and Stefan Necroabyssious of Varathron.

Frontman Sakis Tolis comments: “We decided to celebrate our 30 years of existence with some faithful to our underground roots releases and The Call is one of those releases. Hope you will enjoy our journey into the depths of the darkness and, until the next 30 years celebration release, keep the true Metal Spirit alive.”

The band will also be embarking on the European tour next week:

26 Jan 2018-Turock-Essen-(GERMANY)
27 Jan 2018-De Helling-Utrecht (NETHERLANDS)
28 Jan 2018-Kultur Palast-Hamburg-(GERMANY)
29 Jan 2018-Pumpehuset-Copenhagen-(DENMARK)
30 Jan 2018-Musik & Frieden-(GERMANY)
31 Jan 2018-Mega Club-Katowice-(POLAND)
01 Feb 2018-Futurum-Prague-(CZECH REPUBLIC)
02 Feb 2018-Alte Spinnerei-Glauchau-(GERMANY)
03 Feb 2018-MS Connection Complex-Manheim-(GERMANY)
04 Feb 2018-Petit Bain-Paris-(FRANCE)
05 Feb 2018-Ferraileur-Nantes-(FRANCE)
06 Feb 2018-CCO-Lyon-(FRANCE)
07 Feb 2018-Razzmatazz-(SPAIN)
08 Feb 2018-Acapulco-Gijon-(SPAIN)
09 Feb 2018-RCA Club-Lisbon-(PORTUGAL)
10 Feb 2018-Hard Club-Porto-(PORTUGAL)
11 Feb 2018-Caracol-Madrid-(SPAIN)
12 Feb 2018-Jas Rod-Marseille-(FRANCE)
13 Feb 2018-Circolo Colony-Brescia-(ITALY)
14 Feb 2018-Backstage-Munchen-(GERMANY)
15 Feb 2018-Szene-Wienna-(AUSTRIA)
16 Feb 2018-Gare de Leon-Wil-(SWITZERLAND)
17 Feb 2018-Veghel-Veghel Black Fest-(NETHERLANDS)
18 Feb 2018-Vosselaar-Biebob-(BELGIUM)
12-13 May 2018-Incineration Festival-The Dome-London-(UK)
6-9 Jun 2018-Sweden Rock Festival-Solvesborg-(SWEDEN)
16-18 Aug 2018-Midgardsblot Festival-(NORWAY)

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