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Reciprocal Releasing Second Album In Two Weeks

Unsigned Death metal act Reciprocal have announced that they are only two weeks away from releasing their hotly anticipated second album.

The album – titled New Order of the Ages – will be dropping on November 19th and from the tracks that we have heard it is set to cause a bit of a stir, if not by the tracks then definitely by the artwork on the cover which has Lady Liberty exposing one of her breasts.

Here are the tracks:

1. New American Century

2. Esoteric Agenda

3. Profit Before Protocol

4. Guilty Until Proven Innocent

5. Illuminati

6. New Order Of The Ages

7. Saintan

8. Mystery, Babylon The Great, Mother Of All Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth

9. Tyrannicide

10. Oblivion

11. RIP (Memento Mori) 

And here is Illuminati:

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