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Rammstein Will Return When Vision is Right

Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe says the band will return – but only when they all feel they have an artistic vision that is worth exploring.

The band hooked up in late 2014 to discuss a new album and agreed to stay on hiatus and meet up again at the end of this year to discuss it again.

Kruspe tells Loudwire: “We meet always once a year and talk about things. We decided to postpone for another year. Next year in September we’ll meet again.

“There’s no plan for an album and no plan for a tour at the moment. That’s where we stand.”

“We don’t have pressure to do certain things when there’s no vision. I think it’s a problem that sometimes you have to do records to promote a tour without a vision.”

Kruspe believes there’s too much of that about in the modern world. “Quantity comes along and the quality sucks at the moment. So I like the position – Rammstein do not have to do a record but we can still headline at some festivals. It’s a privileged situation.”

Kruspe is currently working with his side project band Emigrate, while frontman Till Lindemann is busy recording his solo album which is due out in May.

Artistic vision? Or maybe some of them just want to get more usage out of their AvidMax fly fishing gear.

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