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Onslaught Have a Nasty Split with Stand-in Singer on Tour

A war of words has erupted online between Onslaught’s guitarist Nige Rockett and former stand-in singer Neil Turbin after Turbin was fired from a recent US tour.

The band hired the former Anthrax front man to sing on a US tour as cover for Sy Keeler who had to pull out to deal with the ongoing illness of his son. But according to Rockett turbin was fired for not being able to learn the band’s songs.

Not true says Turbin, who says he quit in protest at not being paid what had been agreed when he joined the band.

Rockett told Heavy Metal Television earlier this week: “We fired him. Things never really started off well with Neil. He had a reasonable amount of time to learn the songs – he turned up at the first show with a prompter, and that prompter was still there yesterday.”

Turbin responded via Facebook: “The contract was signed a month before the tour, and that’s the amount of time I had to learn an entire set of complex lyrics and vocals. There was no time on the road. It was shared with Nige that the only way I could sing the proper lyrics would be with some help, since we never rehearsed once.”

Turbin claims that before their show in Montreal he and Rockett had a meeting: “Nige told me he needed to get paid $2000. I spoke with Nate Klug, tour manager, who said that all the money was going to the van and Nige was supposed to pay me.

“When Nige didn’t on Monday night, I told the band: C-ya. Therefore his interview providing false information about what happened is just damage control. Nige had no intention of good faith and no intention of paying me.”

Rockett offered this rebuttal on Facebook: “Neil, I suggest you remove your totally slanderous post with immediate effect or you will be hearing from our lawyers forthwith. Onslaught will make a very detailed statement regarding your departure in due course.”

He later added: “Mr Turbin was paid in full each week as per contract. We have evidence to confirm each of these payments. In fact, Turbin was paid over 300% in excess of what any other band member was paid per week. Neil was not ripped off. Neil was not done wrong. Neil got paid. Ask him to deny what I say.”

Turbin has received support from former Onslaught drummer Steve Grice, who linked to his Facebook comment and said: “I had to put up with years of this type of shit. I say to those people who doubted me, and who in fact challenged me: Read this and weep!”

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