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Obscura Updates Fans on Status of New Album

German technical death metal band Obscura have updated fans on the status of their forthcoming 4th album.

Guitarist Tom Geldschläger says: “.We’re less than a month away from entering the studio to record the fourth Obscura album, the first one for Sebastian Lanser, Linus Klausenitzer and myself.”

He goes on to say: “Ever since the new line-up has been announced, each of us has gotten a lot of questions about how the new material will sound, especially whether it’s gonna be more straight-up death metal, more prog, or something else entirely… So here’s our answer: it’s all of the above!

“Steffen and Linus have penned the majority of the material so far. They’re shorter, catchier tunes based on Steffen’s signature riffing and lots of blast beats, which we expect to work great during the upcoming live shows. But the arrangements, which we all worked on together, also made sure there’s more dynamics, more intricacies like polymetrics, different layers of guitars and some new approaches to soloing.

“I on the other hand, made it my mission to contribute something that builds on and extends the sound of the band’s previous album : very complex, dark and (for lack of better words) ‘prog.’ The result is the longest and compositionally most ambitious song in the history of the band — a 15 minute epic featuring (another first for the band) a string section and my signature fretless guitar work. We’re definitely excited to finally enter the studio and share the new music with all of you — stay tuned for more updates during the coming weeks!”

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