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The NX Streaming Debut EP

Sunderland Noise riffers The NX are getting ready for the release of their debut EP – and we’re one of the lucky sites to be streaming it!

The EP is called Night Heaver and is due for release February 23rd .

Speaking about the album, drummer Luke Walker says: “We’re excited for the year ahead, finally getting to release Night Heaver that we’ve worked so hard on and now we’re ready to play as many shows as possible on the back of it.

“Touring means partying with new friends and bands we meet on the road so we’re excited about that. A lot of partying and puking but also making sure we put on the best shows we can, get the crowd involved and spread the good word of The NX party nationwide. Remember to take the next day off work to recover!”

You can find out more about this exciting new band at their Facebook page.

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