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Nightwish Felt Violated Over Elan Track Leak

Nightwish main-man Tuomas Holopainen says the band felt ‘violated’ after their recent single Elan was leaked onto the internet.

The song was posted online ahead of its official release and this angered the band, who immediately went to Facebook to vent their anger and call out the person responsible – sparking a long and lengthy heated exchange.

Holopainen tells TeamRock: “When Elan was leaked, the whole band was really upset and we ended up being vocal about it. Now I look back at the whole thing, I think it’s good that we brought this thing into the daylight because it’s a big problem these days. Not because of money but because it kills the mystery.

“Maybe we could have taken a little breather before acting in the heat of the moment. Looking back, I would have done a few things differently. But you just felt so violated – even though it’s very common and happens to almost all bands, but that’s not the point – it’s still wrong.”

He adds: “We just wanted to make a statement about that because it even seems many people honestly don’t see anything wrong with spreading unreleased material.”

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