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New Behemoth Album Could be Coming Sooner Thank you Think

Behemoth frontman Nergal has revealed that the band could release their 11th studio album as soon as 2017.

Despite its huge success Nergal had hinted that the band’s 10th album, The Satanist, could be their last one for a long time due to the amount of work that went into bringing it to fruition. But admits that their recent theatre work has fired them up enough to think about getting back into the studio sooner.

Nergal tells Rocksverige: “When we were in the studio fucking around with ideas for a theatre project, it kind of triggered my creativity.

“I think I’ll be getting into writing mode earlier than I expected. It’s still too early, but I think I want to start in 2016. I think it would be smart to have a new album in 2017.”

Nergal won’t be drawn on a date yet though: “It’s been two years since The Satanist and it couldn’t have been done better,” he says. “I’m the happiest artist alive because I have the strongest album in my hands.

“I’m bursting with pride. I don’t want to pollute my mind with future projects yet – I want to explore and enjoy the trip while it’s happening.”

He adds: “I’m taking my time and I’m telling people to be patient. Let me live my life.”

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