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More on Dead Swiss Stage Diver

A few days ago we reported about the young man who died after a stage dive went wrong at a Suicidal Tendencies gig. We have since learnt that although it happened at the gig, it was while a support band were on and did not happen while Suicidal Tendencies were playing.

The man, named as Felix, dived off the stage during a set by Terror, and Terror have finally commented on the tragedy:

“Someone losing their precious life is saddening beyond belief — we are devastated. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Felix.”

A video has surfaced which claims to show the lad diving, but there are so many people stage diving that nobody knows if he is on it, what it does show is frontman Scott Vogel encouraging them to get up on stage and hurl themselves into the crowd – most of the crowd move pretty quick.

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