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Ministry Frontman Headed To Rehab

Ministry frontman and industrial metal icon, Al Jourgensen, has announced to his fans on Facebook that he is entering rehab to fight his alcohol addiction.

Al is no stranger to addiction and has had to fight addictions to narcotics and prescription drugs after decades of abusing them. His decision to pick a date of February 3rd has led many journalists & fans to speculate he is about to go on one last bender before entering a facility, ignoring the boring fact that you have to book yourself into a facility and February 3rd was probably the earliest date they had available.

“My sobriety will not, and I repeat, not knock off my sarcasm,” promises Al. “If anything, it will intensify. I appreciate the support from my brother and family. [I] kicked dope and crack by myself, but I need help on this one, so all your thoughts and prayers are more than welcome.”

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