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Jesse Leach Felt Like a Fraud Over Return to Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has revealed that he was worried about taking on Howard Jones’ material and initially refused to rejoin the band.

The original frontman of the band appeared on The Jasta Show and said that he was worried about being looked upon as a fraud for trying to sing Jones’ songs.

Jones’ left the band in 2012 due to ill health with Type 2 diabetes and bouts of anxiety and when Leach was contacted by lead guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz to rejoin the band the singer refused because he wasn’t comfortable taking on Jones’ songs.

He tells The Jasta Show: “I turned it down initially thinking that I couldn’t sing Howard’s songs. I didn’t know if I could mentally wrap my head around a song like My Curse.

“I couldn’t really relate to it at the time. I thought to myself if I went on stage and tried to sing those songs I feel like a fraud. I think Howard has an incredible voice, very powerful.”

Thankfully Leach had a change of heart and asked to be put on the audition list.

He adds: “At that point I had to really think about it because I didn’t want some other dude – the third singer, that’s a curse.

“I spent about a week and half with Howard’s material and said to the management to put me on the list. It was a process. I think the first song that hit me was Arms Of Sorrow, which is a pretty dark song.

“From there it kind of naturally happened where I was able to attach my own thoughts and emotions to the songs. I don’t even think of it now as a Howard song or a Jesse song.”

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