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In Flames Have no Problem Playing with Stromblad Again

In Flames frontman Anders Friden has revealed that the band are very open to former guitarist Jesper Stromblad returning in some capacity and that there was no bad feelings around his departure from the band.

The guitarist left the band back in 2010 and there had been a lot of rumours circulating about why he had left. Friden sat down with Loaded Radio recently and said Stromblad had demons he needed to fight and that the band were very open to him coming back and even making a guest appearance at a future concert.

Friden tells Loaded Radio: “I still love the guy. We didn’t part ways because we were enemies – we parted way because we couldn’t work together any more, and didn’t want to.

“I know he’s in contact with some of the other guys here and there. He’s off doing his thing and I hope he feels good about it. We’re doing our thing.”

In Flames play this year’s Download festival at Donington on June 12-14.

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