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Immortal Frontman Abbath Unveils Plans to Create New Band

Immortal front man Abbath has revealed that he is forming a new band – and a new album & touring schedule is imminent.

Abbath and his former Immortal band members have been fighting each other in court since last year over the rights to the name and logo of the band and as no conclusion looks to be coming any time soon the icon black metal singer has decided to create a new band and has been busy writing new material.

The new band (going by the working title of Abbath right now) will be hitting London in September – his first appearance in the UK since Immortal headlined Bloodstock back in 2011 – in the first of a clutch of touring dates and an album is due to be recorded and released within the next two years.

Abbath (the band) has a lot to live up to as Abbath (the person) is claiming that the band will be just as good as Immortal was – if not better!

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