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Hear Morgoth’s First Piece of New Material in 17 Years!

Reformed German death metal band Morgoth have released a new sample track for their upcoming God is Evil EP – their first new material in over SEVENTEEN years!

The track, which you can listen to below, is of two tracks from the EP – ‘God is Evil’ and ‘Die As Deceiver’.

Talking about their new material, the band said:

“Finally, after 17 years, we have some new tunes to share with you. We are excited about the nearing release of the ‘God Is Evil’ single, which contains the title track as well as the song ‘Die As Deceiver.’ These two brand-new songs are meant to be a first teaser for our upcoming album, Ungod, which we will be recording later this year for a release early 2015 via Century Media Records.”

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