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Gojira Enters New York Studio to Record Sixth Album

French metallers Gojira have entered Silver Cord – the new recording studio designed and owned by band member Joseph Duplantier – to begin recording their 6th album.

During a 2014 interview with, Duplantier said they want to do the process different this time around: “[In the past] we would prepare 12 songs, get in the studio and record them just exactly as they are on the demos.”

Joseph added: “We decided to do it differently this time. So [on previous albums] we would push each song to its maximum until it becomes really good. But this time we wanna select them right away. [If we come up a riff that sounds slightly] boring [from the start], we [get rid of it] instead of [spending time] trying to make it more interesting.

“So we have at least 20 songs — like, the main ideas, the core of each one. But we still need, now, to work on putting all the stuff together, but we have a lot of material that we really love this time. It’s kind of challenging for us, also, ’cause the style is changing a little bit. We have some Pantera-ish kind of riffs, which is kind of new for us. But we wanna… Because we want to… We want [the riffs] to be a little punchier sometimes.”

When asked if Gojira would be cutting the 20 songs down to 12 or 13, Duplantier said: “Even to less than that. I want a short, very dynamic kind of album. But we have so much material; we could release three records or something.

“We believe in simplicity. When we release a record, we do it the old-school way. We could release a song once in a while and that’s it. It would be better for these days to do it this way. I think that’s what bands will do in the future. I think albums are dying. I think bands are going to work for a week at the end of a tour, release a song and go back on tour. And here you go — the fans are excited… But we’re so old school. We still wanna have that big chapter in our career that we call albums that are so important. It’s like a personal Bible that we’re writing; it’s very intense.”

The album is scheduled for a late 2015 release.

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