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Gallows Release new Track and Announce new Album

Hardcore punkers Gallows have announced that their fourth studio album Desolation Sounds will be hitting the store on April 13th – and they have released a new track to show us what we are in for.

Speaking about the album guitarist Laurent Barnard says: “I think the album sounds really fearless. It’s the sound of a band that’s comfortable with playing music together, rather than trying to fit into a certain scene or zeitgeist or any preconceived notion of what the band should be. We just ignored the outside music world and made an album that felt good in our guts.”

They have released a track from the album called Bonfire Season.

Speaking about the single, Barnard says: “Bonfire Season began as an ode to the amazing Siouxsie and the Banshees. I’ve always been a fan of that slightly gothic, dark style of punk and felt it was the time for Gallows to explore that style of music.

“The verses still have that old school boot stomp feel but combined with atmospheric noises providing menacing undertones. ”

Desolation Sounds tracklist

1. Mystic Death
2. Desolation Sounds
3. Leviathan Rot
4. Chains
5. Bonfire Season
6. Leather Crown
7. 93/93
8. Death Valley Blue
9. Cease To Exist
10. Swan Song

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