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Entombed to Reissue Three Albums Next Year

Swedish death metallers Entombed are set to go reissue crazy in 2015 with the news that THREE of their albums will be re-released.

1997’s DCLXVI – To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth, 1998’s Same Difference and 2000’s Uprising will be remastered and reissued in early 2015 thanks to a PledgeMusic campaign started by Threeman Recordings.

Each album will be digitally remastered and will include bonus material – some of which will be never heard before songs – and will be pressed on heavyweight 180g double vinyl and double CD. Each will come with a 24-page booklet containing fresh liner notes and rare photographs.

Dave Thorne of Threeman Recordings says: “It’s great to finally find a home for the Entombed back catalogue, and I know that with their many years of experience, SPV is the perfect partner to handle these historic albums and really do them justice.

“The fans can expect nothing less than the highest quality from these and future releases.”

The band now go by the name Entombed AD after former guitarist Alex Hellid left the band and subsequently claimed the name belonged to him, a claim the rest of the band deny, but they altered the name to avoid a lawsuit and making a load of lawyers rich.

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