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Enslaved Confirm Date for Release of 13th Album

Norwegian metal titans Enslaved have confirmed the release date for their 13th album.

The album – titled In Time – is going to be available on March 9th via Nuclear Blast and guitarist Ivar Bjørnson has admitted he became deeply involved in the writing process of 6-track album (when did 6 tracks jump from an EP to an album?).

He says: “I was so deep into the songs and ideas for such a long time – or I had my head up my own arse, if you prefer. It’s hard to have any opinions about them other than the mumbo-jumbo of the introvert songsmith.

“The songs are extensions of my inner and outer life; the thoughts I’m aware of having, as well as those too deep to register in everyday consciousness. In addition, they are, of course, also the result of inspiration from other music and art.”


1. Thurisaz Dreaming
2. Building With Fire
3. One Thousand Years Of Rain
4. Nauthir Bleeding
5. In Times
6. Daylight

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