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Daylight Dies Are Finally Working On A New Album!

Can it be true? Are Daylight Dies finally working on a new album?

It has been five long years since Daylight Dies released ‘A Frail Becoming’, but the band have been meeting to collaborate on new music.

“The entire band congregated today to collaborate on new music for the first time in years. We began reviewing the many bits and pieces of music we’ve been writing the past couple of years to see where we stand. We were excited to realize we’ve got a significant chunk of strong material to build on towards a new album. Barre and Egan are hunkered down in Barre’s studio demoing arrangements right now, and we will all continue to meet for the next two weeks to work on new music, demo and jam. More updates soon.”

Don’t get too excited though, it appears to be the early stages so it will be another year or two before an album is available.

In the meantime check out Dreaming of Breathing.

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