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Dark Funeral Get Two New Members

Swedish black metal icons Dark Funeral have announced two new members in the shape of a new frontman and a new bassist.

Heljarmadr (Domgård, Cursed 13) has joined as the singer and Natt (Angrepp, Withershin) has signed on as the bassist.

Natt says: “Since the beginning of my time, here, in this world, there has always been, a strong connection, towards the isolated parts of the soul, a connection within and beyond. A connection to what can not be seen, nor heard. To everything and nothing. To what is, and what is not, and that which lies between. Outside the borders of this life. Beyond, yet within the acausal flame, in the night, I dwell, beyond the broken circle, outside of the causal mundane, yet not.”

The band have a new album coming out 2015 via Century Media Records.

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