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Chad Gray: Mudvayne is Not Finished Yet

Mudvayne and HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray has said that Mudvayne is not done and dusted, despite the fact that longtime Mudvayne bandmate Greg Tribbett was fired from HELLYEAH prior to the recording of the band’s fourth studio album.

Asked in the new issue of Revolver magazine if Greg’s exit from HELLYEAH hit him especially hard, seeing as the two of them started off paying together in Mudvayne, Chad said: “Yeah, man. He has always been my right-hand man. He’s been the back I look at when I’m writing songs and the sounding board for my ideas. When everything went sideways, it was like losing a great friend. I was filled with fear and I had mixed emotions. At first, I was like, Goddamn, I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be able to do this without him.”

When asked if Mudvayne was officially over, Chad replied: “I don’t think so. We all still talk. I’m not ready to put a headstone on anything yet.”

In March Mudvayne posted a message on their official Facebook page quashing rumours that the band had broken up. The group wrote: “Final explanation… Mudvayne is on hiatus. With respect to all the bandmembers, we are all doing something in music that satisfies our appetite right now. When the time is right, Mudvayne WILL be back in action. In no shape or form is this a disrespect to our fans. We love our fans and will give them all they can handle when it is time. ‘Till then, patience is needed.”

It has been four years since the band’s last album was released and the band decided not to tour to promote that album and did very little promotion duties at all, not surprisingly the album did very poorly.

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