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Century Media Records Co-Owner Oliver Withöft Passes Away at 49

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Century Media Records co-owner Oliver Withöft has passed away at the age of 49.

Oliver had been ill for quite some time, but his death has still sent a shock throughout the metal industry and many bands, acts, and fans, have publicly paid tribute to him on various social media sites.

Oliver joined Century Media from almost the beginning, joining them a little more than a year after they were founded in 1988 and has been credited with discovering numerous awesome acts over the past twenty years.

“Century Media has been a force in music for over 25 years under Oliver’s leadership with his longtime friend and business partner Robert Kampf,” former North American label president Don Robertson told Billboard. “It was an honour to work with Oliver for the past four years and develop a friendship.”

Everyone associated with Tapp Out Music would like to extend their deepest and heartfelt sympathies to Oliver’s family.

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