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Carcass Denied Entry into Malaysia

Carcass have joined Lamb of God in the category of “bands that have been banned from playing in Malaysia” when they were turned down for visas because of their song’s lyrical content.

Lamb of Goad were banned in 2013 when The Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia (Jakim) accused them of utilizing “evil and anti-divine spiritual elements in [their] performance[s].”

Carcass made the following announcement on their Facebook page:

“Sorry Malaysia, no show for you guys in May. Seems like your government officials still haven’t updated their calendars to the 21st century – we’ve had our visas declined on the basis of our ‘lyrical content.’ Laughable and embarrassing. Give us a call when you get yourselves a sensible secular state. PS if you’re reading this you’re too late, we already ‘corrupted’ your youth and played Kuching last year!”

Although the news will irritate a lot of fans in Malaysia, it is almost certain to do what happens when rock and metal bands are banned in Islamic countries – it encourages more people in these countries to check them out.

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