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Cannibal Corpse Banned by Russian Court

A Russian court has banned the distribution of Cannibal Corpse “lyrics and illustrations” – just weeks after they were forced to cancel three of their shows in the country.

Yesterday Oktyabrsky District Court of Ufa ruled that “the translations of lyrics by Cannibal Corpse be banned from distribution in Russia due to violent content.” The ban also applies to illustrations and artwork with the claimant saying: “lyrics by the band Cannibal Corpse could damage the mental health of children because they contain descriptions of violence, the physical and mental abuse of people and animals, murder and suicide – all accompanied by illustrations.”

It is not yet clear if this will also include a complete ban on the band, the court have said they will fully explain the process at a later date.

The band have already had to cancel three of their eight shows and a fourth was halted halfway through when they were raided by police. The cancellations have come after a religious group called God’s Will started complaining.

They are not the first band to have problems with religious groups in Russia – Behemoth and Cradle of Filth have also felt the wrath of these self-appointed music police groups.

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