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Brutality Will Prevail’s New Album Ready in April

British hardcore outfit Brutality Will Prevail have announced that their new album is almost ready to hit the shops.

Suspension of Consciousness will be the band’s fourth studio album, but it will be the first since singer Louis Gauthier and drummer Craig Reynolds joined the band.

“We recorded through amazing vintage equipment,” says Craig. “The entire album was tracked in just 6 days with the intensity of a live show; there was none of this computer reliant, digi-fix-this-fix-that shit that today’s heavy scene has become so polluted with.”

“This album is the first time we haven’t held ourselves back in any way,” addss guitarist Ash Gray. “It still has some hallmarks of the classic BWP sound, but we also really pushed ourselves to progress and try new things, and no one more so than Louis – his performance really shines, and there are definitely some surprises throughout the record. The past year, culminating in this album, has been about much more than just a line up change, this is a fresh start.”

Suspension of Consciousness drops on April 7 via Century Media.

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