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Borknagar Frontman Hospitalised with Fractured Skull

Norwegian progressive black metal band Borknagar have been forced to delay the release of their latest album due to an accident that has left frontman Andreas Hedlund with multiple fractures to his skull.

The accident happened around a week ago as Hedlund was helping to move some furniture and ended up falling and landing head first onto concrete. He was rushed to hospital and not only was it discovered he had multiple fractures of his skull but he also suffered a brain hemorrhage and had lost some hearing in one ear.

Hedlund posted an update for fans online, saying he “was injured in an accident leading to some quite heavy downgrade of my physical condition. I fell down and crashed head-first on a concrete floor while helping out with moving some furniture. The accident is only to be blamed by myself due to stress and not paying enough attention to safety issues.”

“I got hurt in different ways. The most significant is three cracks in my head, bleeding in my brain, and a dysfunctional ear,” he adds.

“I’m now trying to cure myself at the hospital and come back full strength asap. As where I am in my recovery I wish to focus on getting better and not to go through the whole scenario over and over again. Take care of each other… life can show its ugly face when you least expect it.”

We wish him a very speedy recovery.

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