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Black Tongue Drop New Track & Video

UK Doomcore outfit Black Tongue have released a new track from their upcoming album and have premièred a live(ish) video to accompany it.

The album is called ‘Born Hanged’ and hits the stores on September 1st. It is the first album they have released and follows their debut EP titled ‘Falsifier’. In fact a lot of the tracks on their EP have made it to this album, albeit fully remixed and remastered.

Track listing

1. Eclipse
2. Fauxhammer
3. Purgatory
4. Voices
5. Foreshadow
6. Waste
7. Ire Upon The Earth
8. Interlude
9. Falsifier
10. Blight
11. Coma
12. H.C.H.C.
13. A Pale Procession
14. Wasted

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