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Abhorrent Decimation Performing in Sealed Box Tonight

Death metal outfit Abhorrent Decimation are to become the second band to play a set in a sealed box in central London tonight.

The entire band and their instruments will squeeze into a soundproofed box just outside the Gherkin building at 6pm, following in the footsteps of fellow death metal band Unfathomable Ruination who did the same thing earlier this year.

The idea is part of an art installation called Box sized DIE by Portuguese artist Joao Onofre. It consists of a sealed, soundproofed steel cube in which Onofre invites a local death metal band to perform.

The band will first perform with the door open and then after a few minutes the door will be closed – when the door is opened the crowd will be able to hear and see the band perform, but when the door is closed they will hear and see nothing.

Abhorrent Decimation vocalist Ashley Scott says: “The lads in Unfathomable Ruination put an incredible amount of work into the project earlier this year and made the stop in London such a success.

“We are delighted to step in for a single guest appearance this Thursday at 6pm. So if any of you are able to come down to the Gherkin and check it out, please feel free to do so.

“We will be doing just one performance in the box, only playing new material from our debut album in the soundproof box before it is shipped away to another destination.”

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